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for underwear, outwear, beachwear and footwear

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Our work

Our agency of textiles products work in this market from about 40 years; always to brush up technical knowledge of products we seal, because up today it’s very important not only to seal a product but also the knowledge how this has been produced.

The customers we follow are producer of outwear, beachwear, lingerie and also wholesaler and converter. For what who concerne the outwear ’s segment we work with companies who produce “prêt-à-porter” and also who produce “programmed fashion”.

Our agency has from longtime a double finality: service and assistance, whether to the company we represent or to the customers

what we offer


The regions where we work for Italian market are:

Estil group

embroidered straps, lace broderie anglaise

Bottonificio Piemontese

Buttons in mother of pearl, horn, turtle, hemp, jute, corozo powder, cotton, bio-resin


magnetic buttons, accessories in sequins, bows and flowers various applications

Roncari Piero

trimmings, cords and tassels, piping and borders, fringes, braids, elastic and rigid tubolars, decorations tapes


rigid and elasticized tombolo lace, with fringes and elastic bands

Wegal & Tricotel

elastic microfiber fabrics with elastane – spandex particularly studied for manufacturing of swimwear, underwear, lingerie, corsetery, sportwear for biking, athletics, fitness, skating, dance and many industrial uses.

T.F.T. Tulle

tulle for beachwear, lingerie and outwear, tulle rigid and elastic

Petri e Grossi

belts in cotton, satin and double satin

Albano Antonio

rigid, elastic raschel and jacquard laces, and all-over.

Nastrificio Albert Bonati

rigid and elastic clothing tapes, jacquard ribbons, natural ribons, aida canvas

Maglificio Corno

technical fabrics for sportswear  using yarns of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, carbon and silver also blended with the elastomere, complete collection that can meet the most challenging needs.


elastics for: underwear, corsetry, seamless, men’s and women’s underwear (elastic ribbons, shoulder pads, logo ribbons), swimwear, easywear and sportswear.

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